Guide to choosing the right house

Once you made the decision to buy a house and you have resolved the financial aspect, you are at the most delicate point of the process: choose the best possible place for you, that is: the house that best covers your present and future needs.

The first step in your luxury properties hong kong search, since you know how much you can invest, is to make a list of priorities that help you determine: spaces, location, functionality and, why not, even the appearance you want your house to have in the first three to five years.

Because although the normal thing is that little by little you make the space yours, adapt it to your liking and give it an own identity, you must not lose sight of the fact that the big changes and the new equipment and finishes, will come after many months or even years

A quality houseluxury properties hong kong

It is important that you do not define your purchase for a wonderful first impression, and that you remember that a beautiful house is not necessarily of good quality.

The quality of the finishes such as floors, bathroom and kitchen equipment; the material of the doors and the blacksmith shop can give us a good or a bad first impression, but the real quality of a house is in its stability and water tightness, that is, in having a strong structure and isolated from the water. Also a good home must have private garden hong kong.

Of course, it is difficult for us to know if the builders did their job well and fulfilled the project, but a water stain between walls or in the roof or floor and wall joints; a visible settlement of the foundations -with horizontal cracks-, a leak or fissure are warning points about the durability of the building. If you see one or more of these conditions, be careful! Visit it again in the company of a plumber, an electrician and, if you have the possibility, an architect or engineer.